Circle's New Vocal & Vtuber Self-Introduction

How about introducing yourself?

I am Makino Ryu, a witch. In this timeline, I am also a occultist and voice actor trainee, and at the same time I am the online lead singer of the New York HNT Music. Although what I meet with you is a projection transformed by my magic power, isn't it true that "you can see the whole flower itself through a single petal". Anyway, please take care of me.

Q: So why do you become a Vtuber?

Maybe someone knows about this. I in this timeline accidentally touched the sealed rune during the live streamming, and liberated the consciousness of the witch who was sealed long ago. Under the influence of magic, you can even meet and talk with people outside the world, which is a very novel experience.

Q: How old are you, lady?(skxhdknxskedyuslsnxg)

I'm 19 years old this year...ah no, I turned 20 yesterday, I forgot... (Huh? Did you say something?)

Q: how about daily research as an occultist/witch

As a occultist, I am more interested in psychics, divination, stargazing, prophecy and the production of various potions. As a witch, I am curious why there are still people who believe in magic in a world where magic cannot be proven. Existence, that is, I study human beings.

Q: How about the hobbies?

In fact... I can't say that I don't have it, anyway I like singing, right? And also, the occultism.

Q: It seems that you can speak several languages?

In my world, there is a country named "Lian Ting", they speak "Yu language", it seems that you can also find projections similar to this country in your world, and when talking with other witches in the past, the language used It is probably more similar to the Latin in your world, and these two languages are the ones I often speak. The reason why you can understand what I say is mostly because of magic. According to my thinking, it passed through the gaps in the world and became the current language.

Q: Virtual occultist also plays the video games?

Ok? Is this strange? Although I didn’t play it very well... Compared to confrontation, cooperation is more to my liking. Horror games... I don’t want to comment.

Q: Witch/Occultist will afraid of horror games?

No, I have to correct. Jump scary in horror games, even witches or occultists, will trigger instinctive reactions, so it's not that I'm afraid, it's just a normal instinctive reaction.

Q: The future plan?

I want to become an idol and be loved by everyone... This is my wish belonging to this world line, and future live broadcasts should also be directed towards this goal. Singing, games, chatting, and some occult-related content-such as divination and reading books, in short, please continue to pay attention.

Q; So why did you become the vocal of NewYorkHNTMusic?

Because of a cross-world email... I was also a little surprised that such a thing happened, and I was just a college graduate studying the occult at the time. There was a talent show in the recruitment requirements, so I sang a song and sent it, but I didn't expect that it was not the NHT dubbing studio replied, but the NewYorkHNT Music

Anyway, I am Makino Ryu, looking forward to seeing you next time.

Live Stream Link & Schedule
Monday, the first half of the chat and the second half of the song (intermission) start at 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday Game/Occult live stream starts at 8:00 p.m.
Friday Singing Live starts at 8:00 p.m.

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