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昼Plan 专辑 《Ferocious Stasis》解谜揭秘


上一次发布我们的处女作《Ferocious Stasis》,大家觉得怎么样呢?





VA-11HallA CyberPunk Bartender Dojin EP will be released soon in Christmas, 2022

Christmas is approaching in 2077, and Glitch City is welcoming its carnival. But in an obscure corner, a BTC bar, interesting but boring things are happening.
In such a BTC bar called Va11-HallA, there is an album from 50 years ago, and the content on it is undoubtedly a series of prophecies that reflect the future.
And when the girl finds it, the crime and chaos city's prophecy record is about to be opened...
The sex transaction of the artificial intelligence lilim girl, the gloomy bartender in the bar, the illusion reflected in the wine glass...



1918 October
I fear that without vampires to hunt, the hunters will soon lose their means of existing, I have to find something or else I might just starve to death
But that power, it’s triggering me to go deeper…

1918 November
Vienna, here we go again
I’ve been traveling through all of middle Euro[……]


Circle's New Vocal & Vtuber Self-Introduction

How about introducing yourself?

I am Makino Ryu, a witch. In this timeline, I am also a occultist and voice actor trainee, and at the same time I am the online lead singer of the New York HNT Music. Although what I meet with you is a projection transformed by my magic power, isn't it true that "you can see the whole flower itself through a single petal". Anyway, please take care of me.

Q: So why do you become a Vtuber?

Maybe someone knows about this. I in this timeline accidentally touched the sealed rune during the live streamming, and liberated the consciousness of the witch who was sealed long ago. Under the influence of magic, you can even meet and talk with people outside the world, which is a very novel experience.

Q: How old are you, lady?(skxhdknxskedyuslsnxg)

I'm 19 years old this year...ah no, I turned 20 yesterday, I forgot... (Huh? Did you say something?)

Q: As an occultist[……]