VA-11HallA CyberPunk Bartender Dojin EP will be released soon in Christmas, 2022

Album Brief

Christmas is approaching in 2077, and Glitch City is welcoming its carnival. But in an obscure corner, a BTC bar, interesting but boring things are happening.
In such a BTC bar called Va11-HallA, there is an album from 50 years ago, and the content on it is undoubtedly a series of prophecies that reflect the future.
And when the girl finds it, the crime and chaos city's prophecy record is about to be opened...
The sex transaction of the artificial intelligence lilim girl, the gloomy bartender in the bar, the illusion reflected in the wine glass...

This EP will be released on CM101 as a limited edition.
Online Listening is free.

Tr1. 22nd Century Insomniac Cyber Bartender

Arranger: Kirisame Calhoun
Lyric: 河城夢鳥
Vocal: 牧野流 ~ Prozirno
Mixing: Kirisame Calhoun
Original: Garoad Music – Everyday is Night/Friendly Conversation/Your Love is a Drug

Tr2. Go, All System, Go Go

Arranger: Rellor
Mixing: Rellor
Original: Garoad music – All system go

Tr3. Alcoholic Luv

Arranger: 碎番茄 Broken T
lyric: 碎番茄 Broken T, 张吉诃德 KnightZ
vocal: 张吉诃德 KnightZ
mixing: 刈泽凉太lil tay
Guest: Boomin’ Tribe
Original: Garoad music – A New Frontier

Illust: 乌贼贼污
Design: Kirisame Calhoun
Idea: 河城夢鳥
真诚感谢Sukeban Games的佳作,祝在委内瑞拉坚持下去。