【NYCD-0002】New Album"the last bamboo leaves" released!

The first fan-made chinese vocal rap album of Touhou Project series.
15th Anniversary for 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night..

Executive producer: Kirisame Calhoun
Music Supervisor: Kirisame Calhoun
Master: UraniumW
Designed By: 二小姐格林
Illusted By: Koda
Propaganda operation: Akira Kirisame

Track 1: 空之火
Original: 月まで届け、不死の煙
Arrange&Compose: 44
Vocal/Rap: 初代/东北老乡长
Lyrics: 河城夢鳥

Track 2: 谶花之竹
Original: 竹取飛翔~ Lunatic Princess
Arrange&Compose: 戈汭
Vocal: 初代
Lyrics: 长筱

Track 3: 幻目
Original: 幻視の夜~ Ghostly Eyes
Arrange&Compose: UraniumW

BonusTrack: 生命线
Original: 童祭~ Innocent Treasures
Arrange&Compose: 米欧
Vocal: 初代
Lyrics: 暮夜

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